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I think I have a leak, what should I do?

You should familiarize yourself with the mechanicals of your home and know where your main water shut-off is. Use that to stop the leak if no other valve is available

What is plumbing “code”?

A mass of experience-based information dictates the way plumbing is installed and maintained in order to ensure quality craftsmanship and human health.

How do I fix a leak in the plumbing in my shower/bath?

Most calls for leaks in a shower/bath turn out to be from failed caulking inside of the surround. Remove any loose or flaking sealant. Dry, sanitize, and re-apply sealant to any visible gaps.

I moved my toilet’s location during a remodel (or a new floor install) and now it leaks at the base. How do I fix this?

Removing the toilet and replacing the wax seal is a good place to start. If problems persist you may need to replace the toilet or flange.

My toilet is running due to high water pressure – what do I do?

Install a PRV for your water system that brings it down to a safe psi.

Why does my toilet and/or shower bubble or overflow when I run the washing machine?

This is typically a symptom of a partially clogged or defective drain

Do unused drains dry up and get rough inside?

No, they do dry up, but a dry environment is less harsh so it doesn’t accelerate the wear of the pipe.

Can clogged vents stop drains?

While it’s rare to have a clogged vent stop a drain it can happen. More likely the system will try to vent through any other way it can. It can pull water out of traps to satisfy the vacuum, leading to sewer gas in the home.

When should I replace my water heater?

Before it leaks. Water heater life varies massively from town to town due to water chemistry. Talk to a long-time resident of the city you live in and ask them about the lifespan a typical water heater has in their experience. While not perfect, it’s the best way to gauge when a tank should be preemptively replaced

What should I do if the pipes under my sink keep coming loose?

Typically the pipe below the floor is pulling on them. The drain below must be supported and connections under the sink reworked.

Is replacing a tub a big job?

Yes, replacing a tub can be a big job as it’s often 1/3-1/2 of the cost of an entire bathroom remodel

Do you suggest copper water pipe or plastic?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages as well as applications.

How do I determine what size pipes I need?

Determine the amount of water required by all fixtures.

How can I prevent my pipes from bursting?

Always ensure that they are within the heated envelope of the home or properly insulated and heated in unheated spaces.

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